Geary Higgins on Education

Geary Higgins is a former member of the School Board and understands their challenges. His wife Gail was a school teacher and has taught in the LCPS system. Their three daughters graduated from LVHS. He is currently the Co-Chairman of the Joint Board/School Board Committee. He has the experience and a solid record of support for the Loudoun County’s Public Schools. As a member of the current Board of Supervisors Geary Higgins has supported LCPS as follows:

  • The board has increased funding to Loudoun County Public Schools by almost $239 million over the past four years. These increases total about a 32% increase to the LCPS operating budget against an enrollment growth of roughly 14% for the same period.
  • This year for FY 2016 the board was the first BOS to fully fund the LCPS budget request since 2001.
  • The board has funded 100% of the LCPS CIP requests including the Academies of Science along with some significant previously unfunded requests that developed.
  • This was all accomplished while lowering the tax rate and reducing the average homeowner’s property tax bill by almost $235 a year.

I also support full-day kindergarten and believe Loudoun County Public Schools should phase-in the program in a fiscally responsible manner that will not require a tax increase.  I believe this can be done with adequate planning.  To date, we have not seen a plan from LCPS but I look forward to reviewing it once it is complete.  As Co-Chairman of the Joint Board of Supervisors – School Board Committee this will be an issue I hope to review and discuss in detail.

I would humbly ask the voters to support my re-election to Board of Supervisors and allow us to maintain the course.